1. Not getting the recruitment support you need currently

You don’t feel you are getting priority from current recruitment agencies or the quality of CV’s or quality of qualification of candidates doesn’t reflect your brand and objectives

2. Don’t want multi – agency approach

You’ve worked with multiple agencies previously and had CV’s all over the place and need a more organised solution where you are just focussing on who to hire not the work behind it

3. You value a partnership approach

Really benefits an agency to get under the skin of a business and understand you. Working as a partnership our success is your success

4. Looking for a more cost effective solution

Ad hoc agency recruitment can be expensive and from a cost per hire basis is usually the most expensive ways to do things. Working on a RaaS basis can really bring costs down

5. Don’t have the capacity in-house to carry out recruitment but not ready for a permanent in-house resourcer

Recruitment is a full-time role when you are growing. It also requires numerous tools and ongoing costs. RaaS might be for you in periods of growth where you can turn on & turn off your outsourced recruitment function as needed