There is so much advice out there regarding preparing for a video interview, which is great, this doesn’t detract from the fact that it so so tough and unnatural for you as a candidate. Recently we have had candidates been asked to record a video file to send to clients to supplement their application, which seemed even more alien to them. So, we have gathered all of our tips and outputs of our conversations with those candidates over the past few weeks to help you.

Recording a video file for an application

1. Accept that you aren’t going to smash it first time. I am an incredibly positive person and think things can be done in record time. If it’s a video file/recording you have been asked to prepare and send, there are going to be a few takes. Things like a dog barking in the
background, your lunch repeating on you or the kids bursting in WILL happen. Don’t get frustrated, keep your cool put more time aside to get it right that a mere 10 minutes. Do try and pick a time where you are going to have less interruptions, you’ll get it done quicker.

2. Take the core questions that they are asking you to answer. Often this type of application request is like an elevator pitch. Try to answer the questions keeping it concise and to the point.

3. Talk slower than you usually do. Easier said than done when you are nervous I know! But, be mindful of it.

4. Choose a place where there is good lighting and don’t sit with the window behind you to avoid that glare. The best advice we can give is it set a lamp up behind your device’s camera to cast the right light or sit with the window to the left or right of you.

5. Turn off any apps and phone so they don’t ping while you are doing your recording

6. Look straight into the camera so best to engage with your audience

Video Interviews

1. Prep, prep, prep… You should prep just as much as you would do for a face to face interview. Take on board what they are looking for. Print off the job spec, get your highlighter out and go through what you are amazing at, put these things into categories e.g. “stakeholder
management” write out your best, most recent examples of stakeholder management. Practice saying this example out loud. Does it flow? Can you add in more detail? Repeat for every area. It’s true that this is the same advice I would give someone for a face to face
interview, don’t forget that this is the new face to face interview, and that leads me to the next point..

2. Video interviews are now replacing face to face interviews. This is very different to your zoom calls you may-be having with colleagues or friends. Dress like you would do for an interview, be focussed and away from any distractions, it will only make you flustered if your
dog starts barking or the kids burst in.

3. A word on lighting; you don’t want direct sunlight or any light directly behind you. The ideal is to have natural light where you choose to set up. This could be to the right or left of you for example.

4. You often see eye contact as an interview top tip and it’s no different in a video interview scenario. Your eye contact is looking at the camera, not checking out how you look on the camera.

5. Smile! This is your chance to connect with your interviewer. Speak slower than normal, sure you are nervous but be mindful the connection might lag at some point. Try to relax and be yourself.

6. Turn of any apps and phone on silent so they don’t ping while you are attending your interview.

7. Have your questions ready for the interviewer at the end of the interview. Research the company like normal as ask good relevant questions about any current topics.

8. If you can have any notes or bullet points on a piece of paper but attach them to the wall next your laptop/computer this will avoid you looking down.

9. Make sure your tech is working, check your internet connection and do a test on the platform they suggest – always!

10. Make sure they have your phone number if things go wrong they can call you

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