Legge Infrastructure Services had recently won a new contract to deliver rail logistics for HS2 works. This resulted in a significant need to increase headcount. Partnering with SELECT TALENT, they were able to ensure key roles were filled in a structured way to manage the growth and contract needs and that importantly the employees added fitted into a growing SME business.

About Legge Infrastructure Services

LIS are a strategic rail consultancy with vast experience of working with clients on major infrastructure projects and rail related logistics operations. 


Legge Infrastructure Services (LIS) faced the challenge many SME’s do particularly when part of a supply chain. A new contract win meant they needed to grow headcount and do this quickly and efficiently. LIS didn’t have an in-house recruitment function and prior recruitment had mostly been done by word of mouth and industry connections.

The Solution

A Resourcing as a Service solution was suggested. This is a managed approach where SELECT TALENT worked as an outsourced in-house recruitment team so basically an extension of LIS. This meant that LIS had someone focused on them and also didn’t need to deal with mutiple agencies (that may or may not be prioritising them) and allowed LIS to focus on other aspects of getting the new contract win operational, which in this case involved the creation of a logistics terminal. Working on a RaaS basis also meant that our time was focused on LIS and allowed us to reach out to potential employees in a multitude of ways that wouldn’t be possible on a traditional recruitment model meaning a wider candidate pool for LIS to pick from. Finally a RaaS approach allowed us to really get to know the team at LIS and ensure candidate fit was right as highlighted below in Richard’s recommendation.

The Results

Working as a outsourced in-house resourcing partner, we were able to build bespoke landing pages that proved popular with candidates informing them about LIS, the project and the role. 14 roles were filled in this way over a two year period.

” A really enjoyable and refreshing experience working with Jo, who very quickly understood the job brief and nailed it with excellent candidates which made our job very difficult in the best possible way. Took away the initial sifting of applicants and initial interviews so that all the candidates presented to us were qualified to the standard we set but more importantly they also had similar passion and drive that complimented our team and will add value to help deliver for our client.

Jo fully understood that family and work life balance was as important as delivery of our clients requirements, presenting candidates that truly believed our vision for the business and genuinely wanted to be part of our future for the life of this project.

It is a totally different experience to previous recruitment processes I have been involved with and one I would not hesitate to use again.”

R.Clarke | Rail Logistics Consultant | LIS