What is RaaS?

“RaaS is a contractual relationship with an external recruiting agency so that they act more like a dedicated internal resource. This blended solution allows you to get the expertise of an outside agency AND the tight alignment of an internal team.” 

Rob Sher Leadership Strategy Forbes

As a growing business one of the most difficult challenges is staffing and at this time you aren’t necessarily ready for the continued expense of a permanent in-house recruiter.

Due to this you have to go down the “traditional” recruitment approach but are often disappointed. Unfortunately in a traditional commission-based contract, a recruiter’s motivation is transactional, i.e. you are only paid when you place. This places the focus on jobs.

The average contingency agency recruiter has an average of 15-20 open roles at any given time. On a contingency basis clients are NOT the agencies primary focus. The average fill rate of roles is 25% – 35% for a contingency recruiter and ultimately getting a large volume of roles on and working the most attractive roles is key to placing and getting a fee.

So what are your options if you don’t want a “traditional” recruitment approach ?

You could consider entering a retained model, taking on a resourcer on a contract basis or something else entirely.

You can look at this more in depth here BUT although there are a number of positives for adopting a retained model this is more suited to one of hires, a contractor recruiter again could be a good option but with IR35 legislation it is difficult to find one and still leaves you with the requirement to provide ALL recruitment tools but not necessarily having the need for these in the future. This is where RaaS can really help. So earlier I’d asked what is it? Here I’d say RaaS is a cost effective solution for more volume hires that also allows clients to get an experienced resourcing team to wrap their arms around recruitment.

Best way to look at it is as a relationship similar to a managed service business such as your outsourced Marketing , HR or IT.

What does RaaS give you?

Utilising our RaaS solution gives you an experienced recruitment agency as your in-house resourcing team with a Senior Recruitment Manager as your dedicated Account Manager.

You’ll get someone making sure that your hiring needs are realistic. A team to provide salary & benchmarking data alongside recruitment marketing guidance to suggest the best way to attract the market you need. You’ll get a team who can guide and support you around interview process and best in class onboarding and ultimately you’ll get a team who know your industry, have done this for other clients and can attract and get you the staff you need, when you need them.

Basically you’ll get the benefits of an in-house resourcer but without the long term commitments. Prices start from as little as £3000 for our RaaS light package so please reach out if you’d like to learn more.