International Recruitment

Let us look after your International recruitment needs.

We're specialists in recruitment (there we've said it). So what does this mean? Well it's our job to work out what makes candidates tick to ensure we get them interested in working for you.

So to do this all of our recruitment campaigns will be bespoke to you. As standard we'll develop and build your own personal landing page. This will be unique to you and generally includes what is likely to 'sell' the vacancy to candidates. This usually includes things like:

- Overview of why a candidate might want to join a company
- Content from wider team to sell you
- Location information & why you'd want to be based there
- Links to company website

Making the move abroad is a major milestone for candidates and it is important that this is recognised in recruitment. Fortunately we've supported numerous candidates and clients with this, so do reach out to learn more.

Find out how SELECTiVE can help you with your international recruitment.