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Joanne Hall

Managing Director/Senior Account Manager

Jo is our founding Director. She’s Stoke born and bred (although we try not to hold this against her)

Prior to setting up SELECTiVE in 2015 Jo was a Senior In-house Resourcing Manager. Working for over 10 years at Network Rail and Royal Mail she's supported most business functions you can think of, set up and trained a shared service function to direct resource (might seem slightly ironic now , working agency side) and set up and launched various recruitment talent programmes from apprentices, grads, MBA’s to senior exec talent programmes.

She now heads up our Transport sector focusing primarily on Rail recruitment working as our strategy lead and Key Account Manager for clients.

Andrew Hall

Headhunter/Senior Account Manager

Andy will let you know he was born in Solihull and grew up in Worcestershire so he is not actually a Brummie.

In 2018 he joined SELECTiVE as a dedicated Head Hunter & Strategic Partner, working closely with clients in the Transport sector.

Outside of work he is Vice chair governor for a local Primary School (it's 50/50 whether he's a useful resource or an annoyance) manages an Under 9 boys football team and is also our defacto office dog owner.


Customer Relationship Manager / Office Dog.

Luna is our resident customer relationship manager/office dog. Always happy to see someone new and if they show the slightest inclination they like her, you have a friend for life
Occasionally gives the impression that she could also be a security guard but more likely to lick you and request a belly rub rather than do anything else.