Selective Resourcing Ltd process your data for recruitment purposes only.
You can find our Privacy Policy here also.

In this policy you will find a full break down of the following;
• How we collect or receive your personal data,
• What legitimate sources we may obtain your data from
• Why we hold, use and disclose your personal data
• About consent
• Retaining your data
• Your rights
• Complaints
• Data security and confidentiality
• Changes to our privacy policy

The purpose of our ‘Candidate Terms of Use’ is to gain your consent to process your personal data for the purpose of providing you with recruitment services.


I confirm I have received, fully understand and agree to Selective Resourcing Ltd Privacy Policy

I understand and agree that for as long as reasonably necessary for the purposes of providing me with employment opportunities and/or temporary work and for other lawful purposes relating to Selective Resourcing’s recruitment services both in paper files and on Selective Resourcing’s computer system;

• Selective Resourcing may obtain, keep, use, produce and disclose records containing personal data about me.

• Selective Resourcing may use my personal data to conduct reference checks and may forward my personal data to other persons for these purposes. Selective Resourcing will request references from my work and/or personal referees (Selective Resourcing will not request a reference from your current employer without your consent)

I understand and agree that Selective Resourcing may, to the extent that is reasonably necessary in connection with Selective Resourcing’s recruitment service, obtain, keep, use, produce and transfer to other persons including other companies, relevant sensitive personal data* about me for the following purposes;

• Equal opportunities monitoring
• Anti-discrimination purposes
• For administrative purposes

I understand and agree that Selective Resourcing may pass my information contained within and resulting from any application (including references and all forms completed by me) to organisations (including their employees and agents) who employ or engage me through Selective Resourcing. This information may be used by such organisations for the purpose of processing my application, ongoing personnel administration, additional screening, inspecting Selective Resourcing files, and other lawful purposes.

I hereby consent to Selective Resourcing passing such information and a copy of my application (together with any related documentation) to such organisations and for this information to be used and retained by them for the above purposes.

I agree that Selective Resourcing may contact me by telephone, email, SMS/text message, post or any other appropriate form of communication for the purposes set out in this agreement.

I acknowledge that without my consent to process my personal data in this manner, Selective Resourcing are unable to assist me in my search for work. I hereby confirm consent that my personal data may be held and disclosed by Selective Resourcing for the purposes set out in the manner above and in Selective Resourcing Ltd Privacy Policy.

*Relevant sensitive personal data is personal data consisting of information relating to a person’s; racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs or other beliefs of a similar nature; membership of a trade union; physical or mental health or condition; commission or alleged commission of any offense; or any proceeding for any offense committed or alleged to have been committed. The disposal of such proceedings or the sentence or any court in such proceedings.