Infinitive Group are a specialist consultancy and engineering technology business that sit at the intersection of operational know how and information technology. Focus is on key pillars of Engineering & Technology, Management & Advisory and Research & Development. Primarily focused on Smart Cities , Utilities and Transportation.

Supporting Infinitive

SELECTiVE supported Infinitive over a 5 month period in 2022 with a combination of recruitment strategy and delivery with a key focus on grad recruitment.


To promote a compelling reason to join an SME rather than one of the big corporates. Ensure a recruitment process that gets the best from a cohort significantly impacted by Covid measures.

The Solution

Two graduate assessment centre’s day’s were created and ran to give candidates a broad opportunity to showcase their ability. Within the assessment centre day were a number of tasks. Firstly a group exercise; designed to test candidates ability to problem solve and work together in a group situation. Secondly a technical problem discussion that had been prebriefed to candidates and allowed candidates to show research done and thought processes and finally a short competency based interview. The day also included various introductions to premises, key members of staff and a tour of operations.


All RaaS approaches to recruitment are a partnership, in this case between SELECTiVE and Infinitive Group. Starting firstly with a thorough understanding of the business & their needs. Through this work a bespoke approach is developed , recognising that each company is different and processes suited to you are developed.

Assessment centre

All assessment centre materials were developed by SELECTiVE and these then belong to Infinitive to be able to utilise going forward saving time and resources. Assessment centre materials included: schedules, assessment grids, interview packs, briefing and task information alongside promotional and feedback information. During the assessment centre day, SELECTiVE provided staffing to ensure that the day/s ran smoothly and to take the adminstration away from Infinitive staff so their focus could remain on the assessment process and to faciliate an approach that otherwise wouldn’t be viable.


2 hires were made via the graduate assessment centre days and processes were created to be utilised during the next round of graduate hires.

“Andy was a great help in all aspects throughout the recruitment process for my role. I would recommend Andy and SELECTiVE as a recruitment agency to any potential employers”

Anzal Rehman | Graduate Engineer | Infinitive Group