Arc Infrastructure were struggling to find the required candidates for important Infrastructure works. Partnering with SELECTiVE , they were able to ensure key roles such as a design drafter were filled (after 2 years of searching previously) whilst also getting a 36% saving against traditional contingency agency fee’s.

About Arc Infrastructure

Arc Infrastructure are a leading employer in Western Australia. Arc manage 5,500 kilometers of freight track across the region


Arc Infrastructure are based in Perth. One of the challenges they face is that the labour pool in Western Australia is not huge and as such candidate outreach and onboarding must be market leading to fill the roles they require.

The Solution

Arc Infrastructure had reached out to us directly after understanding we worked in a different way to traditional agencies where they had previously had limited success. A different approach appealed as working as a key outsourced member of the team meant that Arc Infrastructure would be our key focus and we wouldn’t just be trying to place a candidate where we could. Working in this way would also allow us to spend the time building outreach campaigns (how we target candidates) that can’t be done in traditional ways.

The Results

Working as a outsourced resourcing partner, we were able to build bespoke landing pages that proved popular with candidates. Informing them about Perth, Arc Infrastructure and the support in making the move to Australia. 4 roles were filled in this way that had previously proved tricky with one prior to this being open for the past 2 years!

We have recently been instructed again by Arc Infrastructure and look forward to having a long working relationship with them.

“I must say your initial email was bright and cheery and the video clips are a good idea. I also found the webpage was well laid out and informative, thanks!”

Candidate outreach feedback