Relax. We’ve got you covered. 

We’re an outsourced talent partner for the transport sector (but happy to be called a recruitment agency if that’s easier!)

Why does this matter? A traditional recruitment agencies focus is on sales and making as many placements as possible, wherever possible. Working in a ‘traditional’ recruitment agency way, you as a client or candidate are not the priority. We’re here to change this.

Saying you work in recruitment usually goes down like a lead balloon and most people have horror stories of being let down/ignored or receiving a poor service from agencies. You can read below why this is so common. Working as an outsourced partner for chosen clients (via our RaaS solutions) we overcome these problems. We are part of the businesses team we are supporting and we are here to make sure you get the staff you want so our success is your success.

Candidates? – we are here to make sure the opportunity and the company is the right fit and position for you. We’re proud to have never had a candidate leave within 6 months of starting a role with our partners and hope this is due to us making sure the fit is right!

Resourcing as a Service Talent Solutions

Jo heads up a highly effective resourcing business. SELECTiVE are bringing a fresh approach to the industry. Focussing closely on client needs without the oversell often encountered. Highly recommended.

M. Eady | DirectorUPP


Recruitment Strategy, tick. Recruitment project delivery, tick.

RaaS ‘Light’

Try a different way to recruit

RaaS ‘Bespoke’

Best for those who have multiple roles they’d like support with but don’t have the volume required for RaaS

RaaS ‘Ultra’

Best for those looking to outsource your full or dedicated job family resourcing needs
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